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Bishop Kevin L. Adams, Sr.

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Bishop Kevin L. Adams, Sr' name is synonymous with “community leader.” He has dedicated his life to serve not only the people of Chattanooga but individuals and communities nationally and abroad. For his labor, he has received numerous awards and accolades, including various awards from the Tennessee Senate, Tennessee House of Representatives for over 30 years of service to the Chattanooga community and a 2017 President's Lifetime Achievement Award which honors committed volunteers who inspire others. He has been recognized as an honorary U.S. Consulate of Senegal and a humanitarian award recipient from Project Compassion for installing 15 water wells in Ghana. He is selflessly using his life to make significant contributions into the lives of others and to communities, locally, nationally and abroad. He gives of his time, resources, action, talents, skills and dedication…and he does these things outside of his “regular” duties as a Senior Pastor and businessman. Bishop Adams serves as a role model who works tirelessly to make the world a better, safer, more loving place.


"God has given us they keys to the kingdom. But, it's some stuff you're dealing with over and over because you didn't unlock the door."


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