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Hamilton County COVID-19 Community Testing Site


Not everyone has a primary care physician, health insurance, or a personal vehicle. Clinica Medicos is partnering with the Hamilton County Health Department to make COVID-19 testing more accessible.

Answers to frequently asked questions:


  • How do I make an appointment?
    Call Clinica Medicos at 423-760-4000 or arrange a telemedicine visit with one of their physicians via


  • Does a patient need insurance?
    No, all COVID-19 testing is free of charge. If a patient has insurance, we will take that information and bill for the services rendered. 


  • Does a patient need a health care provider?
    No, we are happy to perform tests on unattached patients.


  • Is there a fee for the visit?
    Is there a fee for the test? No, there is no fee for the visit, although, we may bill patients insurance if they have it depending upon the amount of work we put into the visit. 


  • What are your testing hours?
    We will perform tests during our business hours. Monday-Saturday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm,
    Sunday 1:00 pm-4:00 pm.


  • Do people need to arrive in a personal vehicle? Can they arrive on foot?
    e would prefer they arrive in a personal vehicle with as few occupants as possible. If we are informed beforehand, they can arrive on foot or other transportation. They will still wait outside at the testing area where we have a tent set up and call the clinic. A physician will meet them outside.


  • Do you only accept Spanish speaking patients?
    No, we accept all patients referred by the Health Department, another physician, or those that call in and meet criteria. 


  • When/How will people get their test results?
    We are checking our test results a minimum of two (2) times daily and promptly notifying the appropriate personnel.

    - If they were referred by another healthcare provider, we will notify that health care provider.

    - If they are unattached, then we will directly notify them ourselves.


  • We will report all positives to the Health Department. We are using two labs for testing. Baylor school and LabCorp. Currently, LabCorp is taking 3-4 days. Baylor says they can get results within 24-48 hours. These are just estimates at this time since the ebb and flow of testing changes wait times. 


The information has been shared on our Facebook page as well, in English and Spanish:

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