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To boldly advance the Kingdom of God in the earth by taking God’s people through the spiritual process of being saved, discipled, and fully equipped to serve. Our God-given vision will be accomplished through evangelism, discipleship, worship, serving, and fellowship as in Acts 2:41-47.



We are to fulfill Christ’s commission to the body to bring men, women, and children to know and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We are to prepare members of the body to carry out this great task by disciplining them through the study and application of His word in their lives.



We are to provide ongoing intensive and relevant teaching for members to live by God's principles in the Word. We are to equip members with practical directions from God's Word. Discipleship is not an option for a church or believer. The Great Commission states that we are to "teach."



We are to provide an atmosphere that initiates praise. Worship is a response to a perceived presence of God and is one of the most vital functions of the church. Worship occurs when we acknowledge to God that He is worthy. We believe that true worship will release the life changing power of God in our lives.



We are to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual help to those in need in the church, community, and the world.



We are to come together as God’s called people to encourage and edify the body of Christ in love.

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