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2020 Vacation Bible School Resources


A 4-Day Series for VBS about Spiritual Habits.
Memory Verse: Ephesians 3:18

A crew of deep sea explorers from the Sea Exploration Agency are on a mission to explore the deepest depths of the ocean, in search of knowledge about its Creator — and you’re invited too, as a SEA agent in training! As our crew travels deeper and deeper below the surface, experience the wonders of creation, face a few challenges, and discover that knowing our Creator doesn’t require a special badge or a submarine. Our faith grows deeper when we spend time with God, spend time with others, use our gifts to serve, and share our stories of faith.

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Our mission begins as our SEA agents discover that we need each other on our journeys of following God.


  • BIG IDEA: People can help my faith grow deeper.

  • BIBLE: Exodus — God parts the Red Sea and Moses leads God’s people out of Egypt.


There’s trouble ahead! Our SEA agents must work together as they discover that God created and gifted all us uniquely.


  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I use my gifts.

  • BIBLE: Luke and John — at the Sea of Galilee, a little boy shares his lunch and Jesus uses it to feed a crowd of 5,000 people.


As our mission reaches even greater depths, our SEA agents make a big discovery about the God who made them.


  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I spend time with God.

  • BIBLE: Genesis and the Gospels — Jesus makes a way for us to be close to God, both now and forever.


Our mission ends, but it’s not complete! Finally back on shore, our SEA agents must share what they’ve discovered with others.


  • BIG IDEA: My faith grows deeper when I share my story.

  • BIBLE: Jonah — Jonah is sent to Ninevah to tell others about God, and a whole city is saved!

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